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What Leilukin is doing now.

This page was last updated on 2 July 2024.

This is my /now page. You can find more pages like this at

You can also check out my profile for my latest short status updates.

Participating in Personal Web Spaces

I have been making a more active effort in participating in personal web spaces and connecting with other webmasters, through various methods including leaving messages on others' guestbooks, sending other webmasters emails, linking to each other's websites, following each other's Neocities profiles, etc.

Furthermore, I joined 32-Bit Cafe on both its Discourse forum and Discord on 15 June 2024, and earned the New Member of the Month for June 2024 on the Discourse forum.

What I am Working on

Building a Cassette Beasts Fanlisting and My Fanlisting Collective

I had been working on building buiing the Cassette Beasts fanlisting, with the approval from The Fanlistings Network, and my fanlisting colellective to gather all fanlistings I own, join and have applied in one place. Both the Cassette Beasts fanlisting and my fanlisting collective have been launched on 2 July 2024.

Updating my Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic mods

As part of my collaboration with KOtOR Community Portal's mod builds, I have updated KotOR 1 Twi'lek Male NPC Diversity, PartySwap and PartySwap and Extended Enclave Compatibility Patch to ensure my mods are bug-free and compatible with other mods in the mod builds, and to prepare for the next iteration of the mod builds.