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Website Changelogs

Changelogs of my website.

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Latest Changelogs

20 July 2024

  • Remake the mobile version of navigation menu by using the HTML popover attirbutes, allowing the navigation menu to be dismissed without JavaScript

18 July 2024

  • Add list of web cliques I joined to the home page
  • Add pixel cliques I joined to the Adoptables page
  • Add a Joined tab to the Links page to list the web cliques and widgets of web rings I joined, as well as linking to my fanlisting collective.
  • Upgrade Eleventy to version 3.0
  • Bundle page-specific CSS and JavaScript in the <head> element with Eleventy 3.0's built-in bundle plugin

13 July 2024

  • Add an inline SVG icon to external links
  • Use inline SVG for Font Awesome icons to remove the need of hosting Font Awesome assets
  • Add dark mode support for Cassette Beasts shrine based on user preference in system setting

6 July 2024

3 July 2024

2 July 2024

27 June 2024

26 June 2024

24 June 2024

23 June 2024

21 June 2024

19 June 2024

13 June 2024

  • Add a Virtual Pets section to the home page.
  • The widget and the Website Carbon badge on the home page will display a note about JavaScript being required for these widgets if the visitor has disabled JavaScript.
  • Remove JavaScript from the "Back to top" button.

12 June 2024

11 June 2024

  • Improve "Back to top" button and footer link:
    • Replace arrow unicode with inline SVG for the button and border styling for the footer link
    • Display the footer link only if JavaScript is disabled
    • Use anchor HTML tag (<a>) instead of button tag (<button>) for the button
  • Disable smooth scrolling for users with reduced motion settings.

9 June 2024

  • Convert most of the images on this website to AVIF format to reduce file size and save bandwidth.
  • Improve my widget:
    • Write local JavaScript code to fetch data from
    • Display a loading message before the data fetch request is completed.
    • Display an error message if the data fetching fails.
    • Add a link to my profile below the widget.

7 June 2024

  • Update Leilukin's Hub's site button. This time, I made my site button myself by using Adobe Photoshop CS5.
  • Add a colophon page.

6 June 2024

  • Remove unused Font Awesome assets, including font and CSS files, to improve site performance.
  • Convert header images, playlist covers and my avatar to AVIF format to reduce file size.
  • Set shrine index images, shrine home page images and my avatar to lazy loading.

4 June 2024

  • Preload the Lexend regular and Lexend 700 font files to improve site performance, remove flash of unstyled text (FOUT) and prevent Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS).
  • Replace the Webrings section of my home page with a Badges section (though you can still see the list of webrings I have joined on my Links page).
  • Updates to Leilukin's Hub will no longer be pushed to Neocities. Read the "What Happens Now with My Neocities Account" section of my blog post, "Custom Domain Name and Hosting Change for Leilukin's Hub" for more information.

2 June 2024

  • Update the guestbook to add a warning message and a link to send comments via email if the Discord webhook fails.