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Palestine Masterlist

Stand with Palestine

(Credit to rosemary for the Stand with Palestine button)

From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free.

Here, I am compiling a list of resources related to Palestine. This list is not comprehensive by any means, but I still want to do my part in using my platform to support an important cause.

Educate Yourself


Donations and Charities


  • BDS Movement
  • Attention to website owners: Boycott Wix — The BDS movement has listed Wix as an organic boycott target, meaning the BDS movement did not initiate this grassroots boycott campaign, but supports it due to the boycotted brand's complicity in Israel's genocide and apartheid against Palestinians.

Spotlight Crowdfunding Campaigns

There have been Palestinians who reached out to me on Tumblr to ask for help with sharing their fundraising campaigns, so I am using my platform to share these campaigns. These campaigns have been verified by other Palestinians on Tumblr, so I encourage you to help to donate and share.